Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Board Games After Dinner

After we ate dinner Gabe, Doris and I went over to Justin's place to play board games. Doris has quite a few which is great.

Not wanting to put a lot of brain power to use after eating, we asked Doris if she had any relatively simple ones. The first game she brought out was Deep Sea Adventure.

The concept is pretty simple. Each person is a diver aboard a submarine. The object of the game is to dive beneath the sub and pick up treasure. The trick is to do it and return before all the air in the submarine runs out. If that happens any treasure you may have picked up is dropped and you return empty-handed.

The submarine holds 25-units of air. For each piece of treasure a player picks up (on his way down or up) one unit of air is used before his turn. If four people have one piece of treasure each, four units of air are used up before a player's turn.

You roll a pair of dice (numbered 1 to 3 instead of the traditional 1 to 6) to determine how many spaces below the submarine you travel to pick up treasure. The further you go away from the sub the more valuable the treasure. Though, the further you go down, the further you have to go to return.

Anyway, that's the basic concept. Go down; pick up treasure; make sure you return before the air runs out. If you survive, you get to keep whatever you pick up. After three rounds each person's total is tallied and the person with the most points wins.

We played three games. I won three games. Justin was sad.

The next game Doris brought out was Sheep & Thief. It's a little more complicated than Deep Sea Adventure, but still fairly easy to get the hang of. It's made for 2-4 people with the optimal number of players being four.

Each player is given a 4x4 game board and dealt cards that you have to place on the board. Some cards are for buildings roads and rivers. Others give you sheep, sheep dogs, safe houses or thieves or any combination of them. The object of the game is to get the most points by the end of the game.

You get points by building roads from your starting point at the top-left corner of the game board to towns at any of the other corners. There are 5-points awarded for building a road straight across to the top-right corner or one down to the bottom-left corner. If you manage to build a longer road to the bottom-right corner that's worth 10-points.

Points are also awarded if you manage to connect river cards together - 2-points for each card connected to another. There are also cards with sheep on them - anywhere from one to three. If you play them you get sheep. If you manage to keep your sheep until the end of the game you get 1-point for each.

That's where the thief and sheep dog cards come in. There is a thief symbol on the board. If you play a thief card you can move that thief symbol around to any card that has sheep on them. If the sheep aren't on a card with a safe house on it, the thief can take them for his own.

If you play the sheep dog card it allows you to move all the sheep on one of your cards to another card (hopefully to a safe house card). That's how you try to protect your herd.

The game starts with each player being dealt five cards. He picks one and passes four to the player on his left. From the four cards he receives from the player on his right, he picks one and passes three to his left and so on. This goes until he receives the last card discarded from the player on his right, then play begins.

The first player plays a card on his board and they go around until each players has played four cards. Then they deal out four more cards from the deck and the process starts again. Each player will pick one card. But instead of passing four discarded cards to the left, this time he passes them to the right and so on.

When that's done they continue laying their cards down once again. After four more have been played they deal out four more cards and the passing starts to the left once again.

This is the last round. The last four cards will be played for a total of 13 on everyone's board (3 rounds x 4 cards, plus the starting card on the top-left corner).

After the cards are played, players tally up their scores (which is usually between 20-30 points). The person with the highest total wins.

I won the first game. And then the second. Justin was even more sad.

Both games were decent. I liked Sheep & Thief a bit more. It's a little more involved than Deep Sea Adventure. One problem I had with that game is that you run out of air way too quickly (especially with four players). I think they should have at least 40-50 units of air then. Most of the time there was only enough air to go down and pick up one or two pieces of treasure at most.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dinner at Ten-Ichi Sushi

My friends and I went to Ten-Ichi Sushi in Scarborough for dinner on Saturday. It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant, which many of you know, is my favourite. Though, at $28.95 a pop, this place was a little more pricey that I was hoping for.

Our original plan was to meet there at 6:00 p.m. I had a few errands to run beforehand and arrived ten minutes early. No one else was there, so I got a table for four. It was only after I sat down that I noticed the text that Gabe sent - Doris was running late and the new meet up time was 6:30.

He had actually sent a WhatsApp message earlier, but I don't have data. So, if I'm out, I have to be contacted on my cell. He didn't remember that until too late. I ordered some tea, nigiri and maki rolls and snacked by myself while I waited.

Justin arrived next. He was actually early too. But he had grabbed a coffee and cookie next door at the Timmies and waited there. If I had only known.

Gabe showed up next. By himself. Originally he was going to come with Doris, but decided he couldn't keep us waiting by ourselves for too long. We ordered a few more items and then she showed up.

I have to admit they have an extensive selection of items at Ten-Ichi. There are things such as the quick-seared sushi items that I won't get at the restaurants I go to. The photos in the menu are a bit deceptive as well. They look really amazing. What you actually get when the food comes to your table isn't so much. It doesn't affect the taste of course but, hey, presentation does count for something.

Still, the top tier items (at Ten-Ichi and at other sushi restaurants) is the sashimi. That's what you pay the most for. So, really, I'm not sure a few more special maki rolls or dessert items are worth the extra bucks.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gone with the Wind

My Week-1 delivery route took me through Mississauga to Oakville today. Compared to my Week-2 route, it's much shorter. That one takes me into Burlington, Hamilton and Ancaster. A longer day to be sure.

I started my day as usual, arriving at work shortly after 10:00. It was nice out. At almost 14C the temperature was usually warm for the beginning of March. It was windy though. Quite windy.

Being the lighter week, I wasn't so rushed. I had one extra delivery in Brampton at Dr. Tejpal's office. I go there once every four weeks instead of two. After him it's Mavis Bristol Dental.

By late afternoon I was finishing up in Oakville. Having completed a sizeable delivery at Big Hit Kickboxing I made my way to Dr. Kaloti's. Their office is a repurposed house on the northeast corner of Trafalgar Road and Church Street.

After dropping off the towels I went back to my vehicle which I parked in the driveway beside the house. Sitting on the pavement by the driver's side door I noticed an envelope. It was addressed to 128 Trafalgar Road.

I knew we were on Trafalgar Road, but I didn't know exactly where 128 was. I decided I'd go back into the office to see if the receptionist knew. While walking back I saw the building across the street had a sign indicating 126 Trafalgar Road. Another nearby sign read 132.

The receptionist didn't seem to know where 128 was. She said she'd take the letter and toss it back into the mailbox. So I left it with her and walked back out. That's when I noticed another sign on the building across the street that read 128 - Institute for Hormonal Health. That was it. I went back in and grabbed the letter and told the receptionist it belonged to the building across the street.

While waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street I noticed a lady with a lot of mail go into 128. When the light changed I walked over and went in and told her I found the letter across the street. She thanked me for returning it and I left.

As I was waiting to cross the street I noticed another letter on the street. I ran over to pick it up and saw another one... and another one. These ones were scattered on the road and sidewalk at the intersection of Church and Trafalgar. I gathered them up and ran back to the office and gave them to the lady.

After all that excitement I went back to my van and started towards my final destination. I barely got out onto Church Street when I noticed another envelope on the road. I put my hazards on and stopped and hopped out and scooped it up. Of course it was addressed to 128 Trafalgar.

Not far from that one was another. I think it was on the road. I ran and grabbed it. Then on the walk back to the van I saw another one on the sidewalk. I believe this one was number seven.

I hopped back into my van and drove around the block back towards 128. On the way back up Trafalgar I saw another envelope on the sidewalk. I stopped my van again and put the hazards on and ran across the street. An elderly lady was approaching the letter. She got there just before me and bent over and picked it up.

Before she turned it over to look at it I said something like, "It's addressed to 128 Trafalgar Road". She turned it over to see it was. I told her a lot of their mail was scattered around the area and I was picking it up and bringing it back to them, so she gave it to me and continued on.

I saw one more letter on the sidewalk and grabbed it and drove a few metres back across Church Street and parked with my hazards and went back in the office. Again.

That was it... nine pieces of mail scattered all around the neighbourhood. The wind did quite a job. Letters were all over the place. There were all sorts. Some were bills, the others I don't quite remember. A few of them had tire tracks across them from being run over by cars. Hopefully I found most of them, but who knows.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hey, Look! 191!

Yes, we went bowling again. A group of us from CPC go once a month to Kennedy Bowl to partake in some fun and friendly competition. They have a Sunday special which used to be $2.00 a game. But they switched it recently to $25 per hour for two lanes.

If we speed bowl we can bring it in under $2.00 a game. Though, quite often, the lanes act up (balls not being returned) and we have to wait for the guys who work there to fix them. Then it ends up being a bit more.

I came by an hour late after visiting the boarding home. The guys were just finishing up their first game. I was the eighth guy to join. They slotted me in after Ed in group 1.

My first game was decent. I bowled a 143 which is on or around my average. I managed to eke out a win over Ray who came in with a 139. He got a spare on his second last ball. But, on his last ball, disappointingly hit only one pin.

I made it closer than it should have been. On my second last frame I could have put it out of reach if I hit my last pin for a spare. But I managed to spare my last frame and hit enough pins on my final ball to pull ahead of him in the end.

My second game was much better overall. It started strong with a strike and a spare. But then I hit a long lull with three open frames. The ending was quite good though. My last five frames were strike, strike, strike, spare, followed by two strikes and a 7 in the tenth for 191. 200 is within reach!